Last July we were acquired by With this acquisition we became part of an innovative tech company that specialises in online services as core business. This also means we are no longer part of the former Docdata e-Solutions Group. However our visual identity was still based on the values of the Docdata Group. After careful thought we decided this to be the right time to change this and create our own.

The first and probably biggest change is our new identity. We aimed to create one that was clear, simple and reliable. These are the values we believe in and work with every day. That’s why we’ve decided to keep a neat and straightforward logo which also reflects our name. Nothing is as recognisable as our full name. Furthermore we got rid of the arrows and choose new, fresh colours that would be the basis of our new style. Since we were acquired by CM and we are proud of that we also included the pay-off ‘Part of CM’ in the logo.

The next step in building the new style was implementing our new visual identity in the website. For this, we decided it was time for a whole new website. This should better fit our view on the payments landscape and the services we offer to our customers. To further strengthen our new visual identity we are using a lot of white space on our website. This should give visitors a clear overview of what he or she can find on each page. By using this white space, the website looks fresh and any other distractions are removed.

The last aspect of our new style are the visuals. We wanted our visuals to fit our values. These visuals need to trigger recognition in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we used a very simple and non-distracting design for devices and focussed on their content. Because that’s where we make a difference and where we can mean something for our customers.

So far a bit of background about our new style. We still have a lot of work to do but are satisfied with the first results. But most of all we are curious to hear what you think of the changes. We would like to hear your feedback! You can contact us via email and phone.